What Are the Advantages of Electric Vehicles?

In the not too distant future, we’ll all be driving electric vehicles thanks to the ICE vehicle ban now only being 10 years away. Many people are excited about the prospect of electric vehicles taking the main stage, whilst others are hesitant about leaving behind the fuel-powered cars they know so well.

Whichever camp you fall into, you may be interested in learning about some of the advantages of electric vehicles.

Better for the environment

The driving force behind the ICE vehicle ban is to help save the environment by drastically reducing our carbon emissions. Electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient than ICE vehicles, and the environmental impact of electric cars is drastically lower because they don’t burn fossil fuels, produce exhaust emissions and pollute the air.

Electric vehicles do need electricity to charge, but due to the increased demand for EV charging points, more of the electricity sources we use to power the vehicles will likely come from renewable sources.

They are faster than ICE vehicles

Perhaps surprisingly to some, electric cars are outperforming their ICE counterparts in a number of areas. Some of the top EV models such as the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model X are reaching some incredible top speeds and electric vehicles accelerate more quickly because the electric motor can provide full torque from the go.

The performance advantages aren’t limited to speed alone either, as the heavy batteries give electric vehicles a low centre of gravity and, as such, better handling.

Cheaper to run in the long-term

Another advantage of electric vehicles is the running cost. After the initial cost of the vehicle itself, you will begin to save money long term with an electric vehicle. This is because the electricity used to charge your car will cost far less than filling up the tank with petrol or diesel.

It costs only between 2-5p per mile to run an electric vehicle, depending on your home electricity deal, which ends up at around a £1000 saving per annum in running costs compared to an ICE vehicle.

More convenient to own

If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, you will have likely done some research on home charging points. A charging point which connects to your main power supply can be installed where you park your car on your property, and the UK government’s OLEV grant can even be used to drastically reduce the cost of the installation.

For the simple reason that you don’t have to fuel up your car and can leave it on charge during the time you’re at home, it is much more convenient to have an electric vehicle. A further advantage is that, if you own an electric vehicle before the ICE vehicle ban comes into effect, the ban won’t affect you.

They may soon be cheaper to buy/lease

Many people believe EVs are the more expensive option and that may be true at the moment. However, if you look to the near future, one of the advantages of electric vehicles is that they may be the cheaper choice.

It is estimated that by 2024, electric cars will cost the same to manufacture as ICE vehicles. If this trend continues and the cost of battery production continues to fall, then we can predict that electric vehicles will soon be the cheaper option to buy or lease.

The reduced environmental impact alone of electric vehicles has been enough to push the ICE ban forward in the UK but going greener is just one of the advantages of electric vehicles. The levels of performance they are capable of along with the convenience and soon-to-be comparable price point mean that EVs truly are the future.

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