Founded by electronics experts, Delta Impact has been helping its OEM and CEM customers to gain competitive advantage through better supply chain performance for over 30 years.

Engineering expertise

Our UK based engineering team consult with our customers across all elements of their production processes to deliver improved efficiencies. Whether you’re a startup looking to get a product to market or an established business looking to reduce costs from your current products, we have the experience and expertise you need.  Our New Product Introduction (NPI) and Design For Manufacture (DFM) services ensure that your product is designed for manufacturing efficiency and removes the need for expensive in-house design overheads. We can also value engineer any product to reduce costs and optimise production efficiencies. Specifying and supplying more suitable electronic components and reducing PCB assembly time and costs are typical ways we deliver cost and lead time reductions.

Manufacturing expertise

At Delta, we work with an established and regularly audited partner base of world-class manufacturers. They are continually improving their facilities and offers to consistently deliver the quality, efficiency and costs we demand. Additionally, we have a number of specialist manufacturers who can meet our criteria and offer innovative processes and solutions to meet more specific customer needs. Whatever your business, we have a partner with the relevant experience, here are the key markets we work with:

  • Audio
  • Automation
  • Building control
  • Consumer
  • Fire and security
  • Home automation
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Metering

Working with us means that you’ll also benefit from the flexibility to increase or decrease production as required. We’ll assess your requirements and manage the changes, seamlessly moving production between our partners as needed. Our engineers are in constant live contact on every project to ensure we work and deliver as one team.

Business partnership

We are experts in managing all aspects of the supply chain and bringing our customers the benefits of that expertise to grow their own business. We work alongside you to understand your requirements and provide a proactive service to ensure that we take advantage of market conditions whenever we can and mitigate against their impact when we can’t. Responsive and flexible, our customers see us as part of their team. Reducing costs and lead times, minimising overheads and improving cash flow are key to what we offer. Strategic and valued advice is how we do it.

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