Delta offers its customers a strategic and flexible approach to manufacturing and electronic assembly services. Our highly experienced team can advise you on ways of improving your operating efficiencies to reduce costs and lead times. And our proactive service means that you can respond quickly to market changes, scaling your business without increasing your overhead. Improved cash-flow, increased profit and competitive advantage are all ways that Delta customers benefit from our flexible manufacturing services.

Manufacturing experience

All our manufacturing partners have been carefully selected to meet our exacting quality standards and the varying production requirements of our customers. Our partnerships are well established, regularly audited, and in many cases long-standing. We work with eight primary manufacturing partners in the UK, Eastern Europe and Asia who between them can deliver low and high volumes, low and high product complexity and box build. Our partners are accredited for the production of electronics for industrial, communication, military and medical use. Delta’s proactive management ensures that you are always using the most appropriate manufacturer or multiple manufacturers for optimum efficiency, and we can move production between manufacturers seamlessly as your requirements change.

Some or all of our manufacturing services can be combined to provide you with a tailored manufacturing service that allows your business to operate more efficiently.


In addition to the manufacture of your PCBs, our electronics assembly services mean we can source all the required electronic components, install them onto the PCB to create complete functioning units and ship to a single destination. Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) service speeds up production, simplifies billing and takes the pressure off purchasing departments.  Visit our PCB page to learn about the complete range of PCB services we offer.


  • UK, Eastern Europe and Asian manufacturing facilities
  • All components procured by Delta to ensure reliability
  • Established and audited partner base
  • Ability to flex production using multiple manufacturing partners
  • Manufacturing equipment to produce all technologies
  • Test resource and capability to fit all products
  • Manufacturing site(s) selected based on each customer’s product range (volume, technology, complexity, box build & test) and required approvals

Box Build

Box Build brings together our manufacturing services in a complete end-to-end product. You benefit from reduced costs, streamlined processes and the ability to flex production to benefit from market changes. Our proactive service will ensure that your manufacturing is always optimised to reduce costs and lead times.

Our offer

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Harnessing
  • Programming
  • Test
  • Configuration
  • Packaging
  • Direct Shipping to end customers 

Component supply

As part of our manufacturing services, we supply our customers with the reliable electronic components they need when they need them. Our approved list of suppliers is extensive, with each company carefully selected and continually assessed and monitored. We can proactively manage the electronic components you need to keep your supply chain moving and provide you with the flexibility to respond to market conditions.

We can supply the full BOM including:

  • Electronic components
  • Plastics
  • Metalwork
  • Cables
  • Enclosure


Maintaining the integrity of the supply chain is paramount, and we have designed our processes to give you complete reassurance. As you would expect, we work to industry-leading quality standards with full QA control and testing of the finished product. We are accredited with BS EN ISO9001: 2015. In addition, we benefit from the Quality Management Systems developed across the Rebound Group which has accreditation that includes AS9120 for the Military and Aerospace markets and ISO13485 for the medical industry.

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