Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are and our contact details

Rebound Technology Group Holdings LTD (“Rebound”)

Registered Address: Rivergate House, Newbury Business Park, London Road, RG14 2PZ Newbury. UK Phone: +44 (0)1635 555999

This Privacy Notice explains how a company collects and uses your personal data and not the data relating to the organisation you may work with or for. Rebound Technology Group Holdings Ltd is a UK registered company and is required to conform to the current data protection laws in the UK. The regulatory authority in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”).

We have several companies within the Rebound Group. Some within the European Union and some worldwide, all of which are part of Rebound Technology Group Holdings Ltd.

Understanding our Privacy Notice

For a full definition of the terms used in this Privacy Notice and your rights, you can refer to the ICO website (

When do we collect your personal information?

When you talk with our teams on the telephone, via email, business card, or any other form of electronic data system.

When you buy products or services from us. When you sell products or services to us.

When you ask us for more information about a product or service, or contact us with a question or complaint.

When you browse or visit our websites we use cookies to track your activity through Google Analytics. You can review our cookies policy from:

What personal data do we hold and Why?

We hold personal data so that we can stay in touch with you whilst we trade with active contractual agreements we may have with you and the company you may represent. We will also retain personal details so that we may have reference to you should we trade again in the future.

We hold minimal amounts of personal data about you; your name and contact information, provided by you or the organisation you may work for.

Using your personal information
We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Processing the goods and services you buy from us, and keeping you updated with your order progress.
  • Processing the goods and services we buy from you.
  • Offering goods and services we know you buy from us regularly and ongoing untilyou ask us to stop.

    Sharing your personal information

    We do not share your information outside of the Rebound Group (Rebound Technology Group Holdings Ltd) unless there is a legal requirement to do so.

    How long do we keep your personal information?

    We believe in building strong trading partnerships with you and the organisations you work with. We will hold your personal data whilst we continue working with your organisation and in archive thereafter or until you ask us to remove your personal data details from our records.

    What if you want us to change details or don’t want us to hold your personal contact details any longer?

    You are of course very welcome to ask your sales or finance contact to remove, change or check the personal contact information about you held in our records.

    If you have any concerns, complaints, queries or questions, about our Privacy Notice or the personal contact data we hold, you can email us at

    What if we change details within our Privacy Notice?

    We will of course update this page with any changes to our Privacy Notice.

    Should any significant changes be made to this Privacy Notice we post notification on our website.

    This Privacy Notice was last updated May 2018

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