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How to Reduce Lead Times in Your Supply Chain

Slow lead times can be incredibly frustrating, for customers and OEMs alike. Lengthy lead times in a supply chain slow down all processes in a ripple effect. Having to wait for parts often means that your customers have to wait longer than they expected and this can result in a loss of business. 

The New Product Introduction Procedure

The launch of a new product is a time of anticipation and excitement for both companies and consumers. Often, people are so enamoured with the latest release from a company that they forget the incredible amount of time and effort that went into getting it in front of them.

The Technology Behind Driverless Cars

Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating pieces of tech people are talking about is driverless cars. The concept of a driverless car has been speculated for years, and whilst they aren’t around for purchase yet, they might not be as far away as you think.

Protecting Against Supply Chain Security Threats

Supply chain security threats and cyber-attacks are something to be aware of. Since supply chains are intricately connected on a global scale, one small security weakness can have a massive impact, affecting the functionality of the entire supply chain.

To prevent a security crisis, there are measures that you can take to protect against cyber attacks and other threats.

The Increased Need for PCBs in the Automotive Industry

Automotive technology is evolving fast, from the rise of electric cars to the development of self-driving vehicles. As far as components go – one thing that vehicle manufacturers rely on heavily is PCBs, and this need is only growing alongside the market. 

The emerging automotive technologies are becoming increasingly complex, requiring more intricate components and intelligent systems. 


Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular solution in supply chain management. Often, supply chains can be restricted by cost, time or resources but machine learning provides a means of solving many of the key challenges faced in the supply chain management process.

However, there are still limitations to AI in its current form, and it’s important that we also understand these when considering implementing AI into supply chain management.

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