Type 2 – 32A Single Phase Tethered – 5m

Test standard IEC   62196.1 -2014 IEC 62196.2 -2014
Charging mode 3
Connect manner B,C
Current type AC
Work ambient temperature            [℃] -30~+50
Storing ambient temperature        [℃] -40~+80
The tallest elevation                         [M] <2000
Ingress protection Protection   cover IP54

Working   status IP55

Rated current                            [A] 32A
Rated voltage                             [V] 250
Bear voltage                                [V] 2500
Power pins 3(L1、N、PE)
5( L1、L2、L3、N、PE)
The signal contact number 2(PP、CP)
Rated voltage of the signal contact number 2A
Insulate resistance                      [MΩ] >10
Earthing resistance                      [Ω] <0.05
The contact plastic material PA66,UL94V-0
Surface material High  strength thermoplastic   material


Contact material Copper alloy+ The coping insulates, Silver- plated
Insertions >10000 times
Insertion/pullout force         [N] <100
Withstanding impact force Affordable   1 meter height fell or 2 ton car run over pressure
Warranty 12 months
Cable type
PrEN50620   EV 3*6.0mm2+1*0.75mm(32A)
Recommend stripping length 5.5mm;


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5 Metre Length

Type 2 connector fitted to one end only

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